What you should know before renting a garbage bin

Date: 2 February, 2015

Whether you’re a homeowner or a renovation contractor, whether you’re demolishing or renovating, handling the waste material is going to be critical to the project.  You could hire a company to haul it away, but it will cost you plenty – and hauling it by yourself to a landfill site is just plain arduous.  The best option, and the most practical, is to rent a garbage bin, or what they call in the industry a waste container.  These are the containers we typically see around construction sites (they’re also referred to as roll-off bins or dumpsters).

Garbage disposal companies have always worked with construction professionals handling their waste.  But today, more and more homeowners are renting containers, and for a good many reasons.  As mentioned before, it might be for a renovation – but it could also be for a re-roofing project; or a gardening upgrade; or even for a project that involves replacing the windows.  Whatever the project, garbage containers are rented in various sizes (measured in cubic yards) and the size one rents should match the particular project at hand.

For the average consumer, it’s always better to be well informed – that way, we make better decisions.  And when it comes to renting a waste container, better-informed means less headaches.  For example, if your rental bin is going on the street close to the work-site, find out if it’s permitted.  The same applies if the work-site is within a townhouse community with their own set of rules and regulations.  In a situation where the bin is being placed in a private driveway (or parking lot), specials rules probably don’t apply.

When placing the container, the delivery truck needs ample room to drop the bin, as well as room to move around.  A good bin rental company will help you to ascertain these kinds of things in order to avoid problems and delays.  In fact, a good bin rental company will also help you to rent the garbage bin that suits your needs – they know about volumes, weights, and capacities, and are well-versed in assessing what’s best.  For instance, carpeting, wood and drywall take up space but aren’t heavy.  Concrete and dirt are, of course, very heavy.

Working with a well-established and reliable bin rental company has definite advantages.  They will advise you about load limits and weight limits, and will further advise of potential up-charges so these can be avoided.  They will also be clear about the kind of waste materials that can be legally hauled away, and those that cannot - needless to say, knowing this ahead of time will save time, money and headaches.  A good company works with you to satisfy your needs and establish a long-term relationship.

It may sound basic, but pick-up and drop-off schedules are also important.  You are the customer, and scheduling should accommodate your timetable.  And since price is based on rental time, it may be advantageous to hire a company that offers some flexibility in that regard.  In the end, the lowest price is not always the best – always watch out for “extra” charges or “hidden” charges.  Finally, great customer service is always worth considering, because you can never put a price on that.


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