Junk Removal - OR - Bin Rental

Date: 6 January, 2015

For anyone involved in a residential home renovation, or for homebuilders engaged in new construction, waste management will be a key element of the project.  And deciding on waste management might well include a choice between contracting a company for junk removal or renting a bin from a bin rental company.  On one hand, it may look like there’s no difference - on the other hand, there are differences.  Both options remove waste from your home, office or work site, and both offer benefits.

Making a choice between junk removal and garbage bin rental will depend directly on your project priorities.  For instance, if you want to remove waste materials or superfluous stuff, and you really don’t want to get your hands dirty, then you likely want a junk removal service – a company that will do it all for you.  In this scenario, you just pre-arrange a pickup, and get everything ready.  The junk removal company would arrive on site, upload all your stuff, and leave you with a clean, tidy jobsite.

Chances are, the same junk removal company that you might hire for the “complete” job, would offer a separate bin rental service.  So whether you’re doing a smallish home renovation, or a new construction project, bin rental would allow you to rent a garbage bin and use it for as long as required.  Pricing would vary, depending on the size of bin, the rental period, and the waste load - but a reputable waste company would advise on the best option, the best price, and the best value for the customer.

A good waste disposal company will help you to assess your needs, and set you up with the service that best suits those needs.  Clearly, a landscaping project or a new driveway will have different needs than a major demolition that creates concrete and cement waste.  The option of renting a garbage bin (or dumpster) will allow you to load up the waste material at your own pace, and call for a pickup when you’re done.  It’s quite straightforward and flexible, and for the right job, it’s good value.

Whether it’s junk removal or bin rental, there’s an up side and a down side.  The full service approach means very little work for you.  The junk removal company comes to the site, you literally point the way to the junk, and the service team handles the entire process.  You don’t have to do any loading; you have no restrictions on what you’re dumping; you’re not paying additional charges for extra weight; and there’s no need to have the garbage bin sitting around for any period of time.

Renting a garbage bin also has advantages.  There is flexibility to load and fill the bin based on your schedule; you can call for pickup when every bit of waste is loaded; there usually aren’t any additional labor charges; and bin rental will generally come with insurance coverage that protects both the customer and the service provider.  A good disposal company will provide you with the right size of bin for the project, a rental price that is all-inclusive, and a customer service approach that is stress-free.

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