Garbage Bin Rentals

Whatever your business, Gold Disposal Waste & Recycling has a garbage bin that will suit your needs.  We service residential, commercial and industrial customers, and provide garbage bins for all kinds of materials - from industrial waste to construction debris.  We have the bin size you’ll need, with the capacity to handle most everything you’ll need to dump.  And you can depend on Gold Disposal for prompt pickup and delivery, as well as competitive pricing.

With our wide range of garbage bin sizes, there’s bound to be something compatible with your requirements.  For customers who aren’t sure about the capacity they’ll need, the team at Gold Disposal can help figure out a size and capacity that would be appropriate.  Just by example, a 14-yard bin (approximately 12’ x 7’ x 4’) would be ideal for a contractor and renovator, and quite suitable for a medium size house renovation.  Additional size options are shown below:

garbage bin rentals

14 cubic yards – this size is ideal for a small house and/or garage
cleanup, with an average capacity of 5000 lbs. of waste.

20 cubic yards – this size is ideal for a medium house and/or garage
cleanup, with an average capacity of 8000 lbs. of waste.

30 cubic yards – this size is ideal for a medium house and/or garage
cleanup, with an average capacity of 12000 lbs. of waste.

40 cubic yards – this is the best bin size for construction projects and
building demolitions (capacity of 15000 lbs. of waste)

Gold Disposal also offer closed top storage bins in two different size options. Our larger storage bin is 8 feet tall, with a width of 8 feet and length of 20 feet. The smaller closed top bin is 8 feet tall, with a width of 8 feet and length of 15 feet.

storage bin rentals

All dimensions are approximate, and the average capacity for both is 15,000 lbs.

Inasmuch as every customer’s waste material differs in weight and volume, there are rules about disposal limits, and there are associated up-charges when bins are overweight.  But it’s our experience at Gold Disposal that overweight situations aren’t that common, unless waste materials like ground dirt, roof shingles or foundation concrete are deposited into a bin that is inadequate.  Our team will advise what CAN and what CANNOT be loaded into the bin.

Gold Disposal is a well-established garbage bin provider servicing the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and communities around southwestern Ontario.  Operating seven days a week from our North York facility, we schedule bin drop-offs and pick-ups to accommodate each customer’s timetable needs. Garbage bin rentals are available for flexible time periods, with pricing that reflects the bin size, rental time, drop-off and pick-up.  We also offer online quotations.

The team at Gold Disposal will deliver your garbage bin on time, and as promised.  The bin is clean, easy to open and close, and is “driveway friendly” (making for easy pickup/delivery without leaving any damage).  As a customer, you’ll be in good hands from the moment we drop off your bin.  Additionally, you can rest assured that our approach to waste handling is eco-friendly, and our approach to disposal and recycling is the most responsible.

With Gold Disposal, customers receive a clear-cut quotation, and the best possible price in the market.  Quotations are also easily accessible online, and bookings can be arranged through our website (with special online booking discounts).  For Gold Disposal, no job is too small or too large, and we offer our larger clients and smaller clients the same high standard of service.  More importantly, there’s not much we can’t collect, remove or dump.

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