We weren’t sure about which garbage bin to order, and didn’t want any surprises with penalty charges if we were overweight.  The guys at Gold Disposal helped us figure out which bin would be best for our work site, and explained about load limits and some of the materials that could not be dumped.  It made for a very straightforward approach to garbage handling.    Jim B. 

For our recent home renovation, Gold Disposal delivered a garbage bin that was just ideal.  The price was quoted ahead of time, and was quite competitive.  The bin arrived exactly when they promised.  And the service team dropped the in the driveway so it wouldn’t ruin the asphalt surface.  They also explained exactly what could be thrown in and what couldn’t.     Owen W.

Because we were concerned about where our garbage was headed, the guys at Gold Disposal explained that their waste disposal was always responsible.  They said that their handling methods were eco-friendly, and wherever possible, they try to recycle.  We were satisfied with the explanation as we were about to dump our old fridge and stove in the bin.    Cris B.

We were really stuck on the weekend after doing a major garage cleanup, and were delighted that Gold Disposal could come on that Sunday.  We didn’t have a chance to get a quote ahead of time, and got a price for pickup and removal that was quite reasonable.  It made the whole experience stress-free and well worthwhile.    Thomas O.

We got an online quote from Gold Disposal, and when the job was done there weren’t any up-charges and nothing extra to pay.  The two service guys (Tamir and Ariel) came when they promised, and assured us that their disposal process was responsible, especially with the small appliances we dumped and the two old computers.     Phil D.

We found the service team from Gold Disposal to be professional when they showed up.  Because they had to go right down into our basement, they were extra careful dragging all our junk out.  They even managed to get an old fridge out, which for us was a bonus – and their price was reasonable.  We would use them again!     Nathan P.

Our community has some very rigid rules for dumping tires, so the disposal service from Gold Disposal was very welcome.  Not only that, we wanted to be sure that our old tires were being properly recycled.  Well, the guys at Gold Disposal came on time, removed all of the used tires, and even cleaned up the space before they left.     Steve M.

We generated a lot of scrap material during our recent renovation, and wanted to get the best possible price for our scrap metal.  We were confident of a good price with Gold Disposal because they keep an eye on market prices every day.  When we were ready, we ended up getting the best price possible.     Tim G.

Because we had so many trades at the job site, we needed a very tight pick-up schedule for our scrap.  The guys at Gold Disposal were on time, every time, and did their best to satisfy our scheduling needs.  It made for efficient waste handling on a job site that was very deadline driven and quite often stressful.     John B.

During our recent house renovation, we dumped practically everything, including all of the old appliances.  We were concerned about where it was all going, and the team at Gold Disposal assured us they would be handling everything responsibly, and making sure that as much as possible was being recycled.     Kevin L.

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